Lillian Aldrich

I’m a current student hoping to pursue art as a career. My art mostly consist of plants, animals, and strange figures/creatures. 

About Me

I’m an aspiring art student and hope to move on as a tattoo artist after I leave college. I love to draw animals and insects and sometimes plant and figures. 

How I Work

I mostly work alone. Most of my drawings are done with pencil and liners. But, I also do a good amount of colored pencil work and water colors. I use canvases for commissions and those are mostly acrylic paintings. 

Get in Touch

You can email me @ 

You can also direct message me @Anxious_Art_Bean on Instagram. 

My Latest Pieces

Explore a few selections of art I've made in the last 18 months. (Click on the article for more info about the piece) 

The Confused Snail and the Delusional Frog

Concept/Inspiration: I wanted to create something fantasy-like. I wanted to personify small creatures and plants but make them look almost isolated. the frog and the snail are alone with the mushrooms on a small patch of grass. I wanted another piece with an Alice in Wonderland feels. So this is what my strange imagination gave me Size: 6x8in. Time spent on Piece: 1 hour and 45 minutes Mediums Used: Watercolor paint, white paint marker, and micron liner

Still Life #3: Candy and Art Supplies

Concept/Inspiration: Another example of when I wanted to branch out on my still life experience. It was after Christmas day and I had gotten a large lollipop and a bunch of other candy from my mom. I looked at the lollipop and the candy and thought it would be a good idea to put it in my paintbrush cup and use that as a reference for a still life. Size: 4x6in. Time spent on Piece: 45 minutes to an hour Mediums Used: Watercolor paint and micron liner

All Eyes on Me

Concept/Inspiration: I struggle with severe social and generalized anxiety. I use drawing to express my feelings or bring a visual to how I feel. At the time I was struggling with leaving my house and going in public. Because whenever I did I felt like everyone was staring at me and judging me. My therapist told me to draw how it looked and felt to me. Because when we talked about it I just said "it feels like all eyes are on me or like it's just a wall of staring eyes watching my every move." so this art piece was created. Size: 5x14in. Time spent on Piece: 1 hour and 45 minutes Mediums Used: fountain pen and gel pen

Good vs. Evil

Concept/Inspiration: I was given the prompt by my art teacher to do Good v. evil. I thought of both sides being trapped together as that is how it seems to be in most people's perspective. I wanted to add the concept of who was truly good and truly evil. so I added small details in both heads to show their true colors. to give the effect that some act one way when truly they are the exact opposite. Size: 4x7in. Time spent on Piece: 45 minutes Medius Used: Colored pencils and sharpie liners

Eye (Zen Tangle)

Concept/Inspiration: I was given an assignment by my advanced art teacher to do a large Zen Tangle design. My inspiration was a mix of Alice in Wonderland and octopi. So, I incorporated bright colors tentacle-like designs and then I added an eye in the middle because at the time I drew eyes the most. I made sure to use Alice in Wonderland color scheme with purples, and oranges in the mix. Size: 11x14in. Time spent on Piece: Aproximently 2 to 3 hours in total (due to the small designs) Mediums Used: Watercolor paint, extra-large sharpie, and fine liner sharpie.

Skateboard Project

Concept/Inspiration: This skateboard was painted when my hometown was holding a fundraiser for the town to have a skate park. So I and a couple of other local artists painted skateboard decks to put up for auction. I has the idea to paint something bright and happy as it was a celebration for young kids that wanted a skate park. I also wanted to paint butterflies and moths to add more colors to the board. Size: 30in. Time spent on Piece: spaced out between 4 days. approximately 5 hours. Mediums Used: acrylic paint and clear wood varnish.
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